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Two years ago my sons and I began to see Mr. Miller because I was going through a terrible divorce. My youngest son and I weren’t on the best terms and our family dynamic was in disarray. Right away I hated that board but over time I realized why he used it. Since then my sons have grown tremendously. I know we wouldn’t be as close had Mr. Miller not intervened.


Not often do you have a therapist to help you grow and give you the tools you need to heal. I get emotional telling my story because I didn’t think I needed therapy but God placed him in our path at the right moment.


I’m so grateful for Mr. Miller.


                         Douglasville, Ga.

Therapy has changed my frame of mind! I have always had a dark frame of mind. I was molested at a young age and I have suffered every day since. I had no self-value and always thought of myself as broken and damaged worthless and unloveable.


Therapy with Mr. Miller has taught me that I am someone worth loving. It has opened my eyes and my heart to the happy I am currently basking in! I had to work really hard to believe that I have value and I am not the broken little girl I once was!

                                                                                 Douglasville, Ga.

As a couple on the brink of divorce, I came to Don to determine the best way to start to have conversations with our children about separation when we started visiting Don. Don began by getting the root of the problems for both of our viewpoints and work on giving us tools to repair a relationship that we both thought was over.


We have tried therapy in the past and were never able to obtain the necessary communication techniques that we both needed. I think my husband and I can agree that Don has helped us to nurture our relationship going forward. We recently celebrated our 18 year wedding anniversary and are excited to continue our journey to the next part of our lives. We are thankful for Don and the impact he has made on our lives.

                          The C. Family

                          Douglasville, Ga.

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